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Carmen Sánchez is an 84-year-old woman with an extraordinary story to tell. She was once a famous circus artist who traveled all over Europe swinging from her trapeze until an accident changed her life. She lives on her own and does things others would consider unusual for someone her age. In her daily life, anything is possible.

Known as THE SWINGING DOLL when she was a famous trapeze artist, she was only 17 years old when she left Sitges, the small Spanish town where she was born, and married a clown belonging to the Rudí Llata Circus. She traveled with the troupe until 46 years ago when her world came crashing down. Nothing has been the same since.

She exercises compulsively and dances whenever she can. Her optimism is contagious. One good day, she met Joaquín, a man from Barcelona who likes to dance tango. The two connected immediately and became inseparable.

Carmen’s children work as clowns in a small French circus. They’ve decided to bring back “The Automatic Restaurant”, a number their parents used to do 50 years ago. While dancing and taking walks with Joaquín, THE SWINGING DOLL decides to go to France. Past, present and future will meet in a small circus in French Brittany.

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